Here are some recent menus to give you an idea of what we’re cooking for lunch & dinner. Some dishes are always on & others change regularly. We also have a children’s menu.

If you’re gluten free it’s quicker to tell you what you can’t have than what you can have! Most of our menu is either already celiac friendly or is easily adapted. There will be plenty of specials that will be suitable on our blackboard, too! Come in and have a look what’s on the board today!

We now have a number of weekday offers available – in case you needed an excuse to go to the pub!!

Gin & Tapas
Get a selection of Vaults nibbles & your own bottle of Edinburgh Gin Liqueur for the table, along with a collection of mixers & garnishes, so you can create your perfect G&T pairings!
Just £24.95 a head
Available Tuesday – Saturday

Sunday Menu

Desserts and specials can be found in the restaurant, pop in and have a look!

Wine List